Rustic Oak Wooden Fencing

Lifetime Wind Warranty

A fence installed correctly won’t have its panels scattered in the wind. Our fences are designed to withstand even the most blustery of days. If the wind manages to blow out your panels we’ll come fix it free of charge.

Sprinkler Protection

Sprinklers can pose many problems with fence installations – luckily, we have a couple of aces up our sleeves. The first is that if any of our crews run into issues with your sprinklers they will advise you on options for moving forward. The second is that accidental breaks are nothing to worry about: if we break it, we’ll have it repaired.

Quality Assurance

Every crew is in-house, which means reliable quality. With every team having 10+ years of experience and being trained by a supervisor with 20+ years in the fencing and decking industry, you’ll surely see the difference in the outstanding work done by our highly skilled professionals.

Customer Service

Have a question about your project? Please, give us a call! Any of our friendly & professional team members in the office can fill you in on the progress of your job simply by looking up the name your project is under.


We build and provide the highest quality wood fencing in Utah.


We at Stonehenge Fence are well known for our custom rustic oak and pine wood fencing and railing work in Utah and Colorado.  This is a result of our commitment to high quality and unique designs.  The natural, rustic look brings out the woodsy feel of your log home, cabin retreat.  But, can also capture that feeling when combined with a traditional home.

The natural pattern of the oak brush makes each fence unique in its look and style. Each fence or rail is one-of-a-kind!


We build each wood gate custom to the project and made to withstand a high degree of torque and weight that would normally crush a standard gate.

We make all of our hardware with top quality galvanized steel. No need for a “crutch” on a Stonehenge Fence gate!


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