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Lifetime Wind Warranty

A fence installed correctly won’t have its panels scattered in the wind. Our fences are designed to withstand even the most blustery of days. If the wind manages to blow out your panels we’ll come fix it free of charge.

Sprinkler Protection

Sprinklers can pose many problems with fence installations – luckily, we have a couple of aces up our sleeves. The first is that if any of our crews run into issues with your sprinklers they will advise you on options for moving forward. The second is that accidental breaks are nothing to worry about: if we break it, we’ll have it repaired.

Quality Assurance

Every crew is in-house, which means reliable quality. With every team having 10+ years of experience and being trained by a supervisor with 20+ years in the fencing and decking industry, you’ll surely see the difference in the outstanding work done by our highly skilled professionals.

Customer Service

Have a question about your project? Please, give us a call! Any of our friendly & professional team members in the office can fill you in on the progress of your job simply by looking up the name your project is under.


Chain link from Stonehenge Fence is an easy-to-install, cost effective fencing option that offers security and durability

Chain link fences are commonly spotted around sports fields, pools, parks, and schools, as well as industrial or manufacturing facilities, and even many homes. Perhaps it’s because chain link offers viable fencing solutions that resolve many problems relating to installation, cost, security, and durability.  

Chain link fence is affordable

Compared with other available fencing options that offer visibility and strength, the cost of chain link is significantly lower. When installed by professional fencing contractors, your chain link fence will provide many years of service.

Chain Link is Low Maintenance

Chain link is much easier to install than other fencing materials. When properly installed, chain link does not require cleaning or refinishing because it’s galvanized surface protects it from the elements and makes it resistant to rust, thereby reducing the need for maintenance.

Believe it or Not, Chain Link Does Offer Versatility

Chain link comes in several varieties, including color-coated surfaces, thickness variations, and style options. There is also California-style chain link which features such aesthetic qualities as wooden posts and rails, among other designs. As a point of interest, when chain link is vinyl-coated, it actually lasts longer than it’s galvanized sibling.

Chain Link Fencing Offers Security

Often referred to as hurricane or cyclone fencing, chain link consists of interlocking coated steel wires that form a vertical zig zag design that is woven into a diamond pattern. These woven wire sheets are secured to steel posts firmly embedded in the ground.

Chain link is a good option for security if you’re trying to keep pets or people in or out of your fenced area. These fences can be anywhere from three to twelve feet in height, and taller if necessary. Chain link is often found guarding homes, empty lots, playgrounds, sports fields, airports, and industrial buildings.

Before installing chain link fencing, make sure you consider the gauge of steel you’ll need. Thinner chain link may be cheaper, but it will also be weaker, while thicker materials will cost more but last longer. Remember, too, that because of chain link’s open weave, it isn’t meant for privacy purposes. However, you can purchase slats to weave through the chain link and shield your home or property from curious eyes or unwanted attention. For increased security, you might also consider building your chain link fence at a taller height that can’t easily be climbed over. 

Chain Link continues to be a popular fence option when it comes to affordability, maintenance, and security. Recent improvements have made chain link more durable and aesthetically appealing. If you think chain link fencing will suit your needs, contact the fencing experts at Stonehenge Fence today!

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