Stonehenge Fence of Utah custom builds garden boxes with the finest materials wood, vinyl, and composite materials available.

Garden boxes can add a new level of value to your home and property by adding beauty and variety to your yard, as well as providing fresh, healthy food for your family. But planning is essential for the success of your garden. A professional contractor can determine how much work will be involved to prepare the site of your garden boxes and help you select the best materials to use.

Size is an important factor to consider before installing your garden boxes as it will determine the manpower, planning, and equipment needed. For example, large machines may be necessary for clearing and preparing bigger garden sites where substantial ground work is required.

If your garden design is complex or customized, you’ll want to provide a set of professional drawings to your contractor so they’ll have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve. From that point, they can offer invaluable guidance and direction throughout the planning stages of your raised garden beds.

Remember that landscape drainage is important to the health and success of your garden and your contractor will usually install a drainage system during ground preparation. You’ll need to consider the terrain and soil conditions of your yard and plan a sprinkler or drip irrigation system that best suit your garden’s special needs. A well planned irrigation and drainage system will reduce maintenance and ensure the overall health of your garden. Your contractor can evaluate your drainage and irrigation needs and determine the need for experienced subcontractors to handle these aspects of the project.

Raised garden boxes offer some compelling benefits over traditional, in-ground gardens. You’ll enjoy less weeding, less compaction, and less tilling. Plus, with square foot gardening, you can plant closer together, instead of in rows. Overall, there’s less maintenance involved with raised garden Boxes.

From cinder block to vinyl, there are a variety of materials you can use to build your raised garden boxes. Wood is both very cost-effective and easy to install. Redwood and black locust are naturally rot resistant and can last upwards of 20 years. Also rot-resistant, cedar is rich in color, smells divine, and will give you up to 15 years of service. Vinyl garden boxes are UV resistant and will never blister, crack, or deteriorate. Plus, vinyl is maintenance-free, so you’ll enjoy decades of use. Composite timbers are made from a combination of recycled wood fibers and UV-resistant plastic. Because these boards are lightweight, they are easy to lift and assemble. Composite will give you the uniform look of solid wood timbers. They are resistant to weather and rot and easy to clean off with the hose. Be sure to do your research on building materials for garden boxes and ask your contractor which products he’d recommend.

Whether you want to build garden boxes for small perennials, herbs, vegetable beds, or softscape elements, you’ll be increasing the beauty, productiveness, and value to your property. A professional contractor can help you determine how much work will be involved in the installation process, as well as assisting you with the selection of high quality materials to use for your raised garden beds.

Stonehenge Fence uses only the highest quality materials when we install your customized garden boxes. Our team of fencing and decking professionals have built garden boxes of all sizes and shapes and we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for more information on customized garden boxes!

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