Stonehenge Fence’s custom rustic oak and pine railing work is well known in Utah and Colorado for its high quality and unique designs.

While it may seem that composite decking has eclipsed the decking industry in terms of popularity, for approximately 70 percent of homeowners, natural wood decking is still the most attractive option according to the North American Deck and Railing Association.

Wood is a sustainable, nontoxic resource that is natural and renewable. It biodegrades without harming the environment. Because it’s vulnerable to insects and rot, protective coatings are recommended. Ideally, wood decks should be cleaned annually and re-coated as soon as its color begins to fade. 

While it may require more maintenance than composite or vinyl, few materials can rival the aesthetic beauty and rich texture of real wood decking and railing. Decks and railings built from hardwoods such as oak and pine not only create solid, beautiful outdoor living spaces, but they can update your property and increase its value.

When you think of wood decking, the first two things that probably pop into your head are cedar and redwood. White oak, however is an excellent outdoor wood due to its density. It is a very strong and durable wood that holds up well in high-traffic areas and will provide many years of service. While white oak will weather and turn brown or black without a finish, it will still maintain its strength. Common exterior uses for oak and other hardwoods include: trusses, columns, decking, and rustic flooring.  

Exterior railings made from wood will blend beautifully with natural surroundings. While pine is attractive with nothing more than a clear gloss, it can be stained to any desired shade. Additionally, pine is chemically treated, and thus withstands insects and rotting. Pine is also the most economical wood to use for railings.  

Stonehenge Fence creates custom rustic oak and pine railing work that is well known in Utah and Colorado for its high quality and unique designs. The natural, rustic look brings out the woodsy feel of your log home deck or cabin retreat balcony. But it also captures that feeling when combined with a traditional home. The natural pattern of the oak makes each fence unique in its look and style. 

While composite decking and railing has been gaining in popularity over the past 25 years, few materials can match the natural beauty and rich texture of real wood. Decking and railing built from hardwoods such as oak and pine create beautiful outdoor living spaces that will update your property and increase its value.

If you love the traditional look and feel of wood and you’re interested in adding wood decking and/or railing to your home or cabin, contact Stonehenge Fence, Utah’s premier wood deck & railing contractor!

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