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Stonehenge Fence provides the highest quality composite decking & railing in Utah.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”22″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_horizontal_filmstrip” image_crop=”0″ image_pan=”1″ show_playback_controls=”1″ show_captions=”0″ caption_class=”caption_overlay_bottom” caption_height=”70″ aspect_ratio=”1.5″ width=”100″ width_unit=”%” transition=”fade” transition_speed=”1″ slideshow_speed=”5″ border_size=”0″ border_color=”#ffffff” override_thumbnail_settings=”1″ thumbnail_width=”120″ thumbnail_height=”90″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ ngg_triggers_display=”always” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]Composite or wood decking? It’s a question homeowners have been asking less and less since wood-plastic composite first showed up on the market in the 1990’s. Okay, maybe not at first since it was more expensive and only available in one color. Gray.  But today composite decking companies offer new products that resemble the rich hues of cedar and walnut—minus the fading—and sales are soaring past the $1 billion mark.

Because most composites are made from waste products such as sawdust, plastic milk jugs, and shopping bags, this type of decking is an economically friendly choice, keeping thousands of pounds of waste material out of landfills every year.

As an added bonus, once composite decking is in place, it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance, freeing you up to grill some steaks, read a book, or take a nap as you gaze fondly at your labor-friendly deck.

Well those are certainly good enough reasons to order your composite decking today, right? As good as composite decking sounds, it doesn’t hurt to gain as much information as possible before you contact your local installation company. We’ve put together a helpful list of information on composite materials to assist you in selecting the best decking materials for your lifestyle needs.

Low-maintenance: If refinishing your wood deck every year has you dreading summer, composite may be a good choice for you. As needed, simply wash down your composite decking with soapy water and a soft bristle brush and you’re done. The money you save in not having to purchase stains or other coatings will go a long way in recouping the higher cost of your composite decking.

Durability: Unlike wood, your composite decking won’t rot, warp, or attract termites. Plus, you don’t have to worry about splinters when you’re barefoot. Mixed with pigments, UV inhibitors, and borate preservatives, composite decking is designed to last a long time. Of course, all composites will fade to slightly lighter shade after the first few months in the sun.

Warranty: Most composite manufacturers offer a 25-year or limited-lifetime warranty, with some warranties being transferable to a new homeowner if you sell your house. Unfortunately, fading, stains, and scratches typically won’t be covered.

Burn Rate: Composite materials burn at a much higher temperature than wood and most composites meet or exceed strict building codes.

Everything Matches: All the different pieces you need to build your composite deck, from the railings and balusters to the treads and posts, is made in matching colors using the same composite material. Plus, composite is available in longer in longer boards (up to 20 feet), resulting in fewer end joints.

Quality Outweighs Cost: While initially you may pay more upfront for composite decking than wood or vinyl (PVC) , the payoff that comes from decreased maintenance costs and increased leisure time provides unparalleled value. Composite decking will give you the look of wood, without the concerns associated with its care.

If you’re a stickler for the aesthetic beauty and texture of wood, keep in mind that while many companies produce composite boards that resemble the look and texture of wood, you’ll be able to tell the difference close up. But if you’re more concerned with durability and low maintenance, composite offers compelling benefits, especially when you consider the time and money you’ll save in the long run. If you’d like to sip an ice-cold cola as you watch your neighbor scrubbing, bleaching and staining his deck, composite might be the decking choice for you!

Stonehenge Fence provides the highest quality Trex and TimberTech wood-alternative decking and railing materials in Utah. Contact us today to find out how to start your composite deck today.




TimberTech® decking and railing adds beauty to homes, businesses, and resorts. What’s more, TimberTech is low maintenance, safe, durable, and can even increase the value of your home.

TimberTech specializes in materials made with recycled PVC plastics and composite materials that result in gorgeous, low-maintenance and earth-friendly products, which maintain their color and beauty for years without the work of painting, staining, or sealing. Also, because it resists mildew, warping, and insects, there’s no need to replace rotting, uneven, or termite-damaged boards. Caring for TimberTech is easier than wood and will allow you to focus on maximum enjoyment instead of maximum maintenance. Its owner-transferable 25-year limited residential warranty offers peace of mind.



Trex® decking and railing have all the natural beauty of wood, but leave behind the rotting, splintering, and staining. These materials are also a breeze to maintain, so you’ll spend more time relaxing on your deck instead of working on it. These composite products are made of a unique combination of wood and plastic fibers. Trex gets its plastic and wood fibers from reclaimed or recycled resources.

Their products won’t just improve the look of your home — they will improve the value!

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Since 2000, Stonehenge Fence has been installing beautiful, high quality fencing. We specialize in SimTek™, Trex®, TimberTech®, ornamental iron, cedar and vinyl fencing in Utah. We have emerged as Utah’s premier fencing and decking company as we continue to develop an outstanding reputation for high customer satisfaction, top notch product quality, superior installation, and product variety.  So click on one of the links below and find out how one of our fences can improve your yards look and feel.


Our customers come to us looking for a way to define their space with a high quality fence or deck that will last — and we don’t disappoint. We offer a variety of decks and fencing options with several styles, colors, and variations. As our services have expanded throughout Utah and the Western United States, so have our products. Product focus has broadened to include not only top quality cedar and vinyl fencing and decking, but also SimTek™ fencing, Trex® fencing, decking & railing, ornamental wrought-iron fencing and railing, chainlink, and rustic wood products of all kinds.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product material offered by fence companies in Utah and throughout the industry. The quality of materials is an important factor for a good fence, however, a fence or deck is only as good as the professionals who install it. Our fencing and decking installers are the most qualified in Utah and will not accept anything but the best. We can ensure you will be satisfied!  Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

Stonehenge Fence has great relationships with a number of different companies.  All of these companies adhere strictly to the same fundamental principle of quality products and services.  Furthermore, our products are built with strength, durability, and beauty as our top priority, and these companies are no different.